Roof Gutter Repair

Along with roof maintenance and roof installation services Sheridan Roofing & Construction, Inc. also installs gutters as well as gutter protection systems. A correctly functioning gutter system is extremely important and might save you from costly expenses in the future. An improperly installed gutter might result in expenses damages to the landscaping and can even lead to corrosion and erosion of your property’s foundation.

Gutters and siding are an essential part of your roofing system since they protect the overall structural integrity of your property by helping direct the water away from you walls and the foundation. Keeping the gutters clean and maintained helps to prevent future problems, for instance, water damage, mold, along with structural issues. If you are searching for a roof gutter repair or installation service that can help you keep your roof in good shape, let us help you out!

Rain Gutters Professionally Installed On Your Property

The team at Sheridan Roofing & Construction, Inc. offers the best hassle free, maintenance free and stress free gutter system!

  1. All the gutters we install are created on site
  2. Our team can match or blend any color
  3. We utilize .032 aluminum (this is the thickest that can be run through the machine)
  4. We don’t use spikes plus ferrules
  5. We ensure that we use a hidden gutter hanger always
  6. We use 2″ self-tapping screw, and not a 1 1/4 inch
  7. Our team does not reuse parts and/or damaged materials

Our Experienced Team Of Professionals Performs The Following Rain Gutter Services

Rain Gutter Repair

When the team at Sheridan Roofing & Construction, Inc. starts working on your gutter system, we replace the split and damaged leaders, nail the loose gutters, strap the loose leaders, and much more.  We make all repairs that help prevent larger and pricier fixes.

Rain Gutter Installation

A properly installed rain gutter helps protect your property from water and moisture damage. You can count on our team of experts to install a new gutter system.

Leaf Lock Gutter Protection

With our gutter protection system, you can forget about cleaning out your gutters! Our professionals will install a leaf lock system to help keep your gutters free of all debris and effectively drain the water away from your property.


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