Roof Inspection Services

An integral part of home maintenance is to schedule an interior and exterior roof inspection. Sheridan Roofing offers thorough roof inspection service. These comprehensive inspections help protect your property and offer a good resource for insurance companies. If you ever face damage due to severe weather, you will have documentation on your property’s condition and the steps required when it comes to maintaining or restoring your roof.

At Sheridan Roofing & Construction, Inc., we recommended quarterly roof inspections. However, it is crucial that you speak to our roofing specialist before you determine the right plan for you and your property. Preventative care, along with semi-annual maintenance, shields your roof and extends its lifespan while also saving you lots of money. Our roof inspections can identify needed repairs and leaks. We even help you avoid roof damage that has gone past the point of repair. We offer maintenance for both our residential as well as commercial roof systems.

Our indemnified and bonded roofing maintenance experts:

  1. Check Seams
  2. Clean Debris From The Roof
  3. Clean the Pitch Pockets
  4. Clear debris from the HVAC Units, Singles, and Pipes
  5. Check for the Sagging of Roofs because of Water Damage
  6. Check for Moss and Algae Growth
  7. Check Chimneys
  8. Check Mortar and Parapet Walls
  9. Check for Deterioration and Holes on Nails, Shingles, Ridges, Flashing, and Hips
  10. Evaluate the Damage Caused By the Weather to Make Minor Fixes and Diagnose Major Issues
  11. Re-secure the loose shingles
  12. Evaluate any tree overhang

Sheridan ROOFING’S ROOF Inspection Services Are Based On An Inspection of the Following Areas:

Structural Stability and Support

Any roof that does not have appropriate support or has spots where the support structure is weak is going to be flagged by our roof inspecting team.

Interior and Exterior Surfaces and Elements

Our roof inspecting team is going to meticulously examine all the different mechanisms that a roofing system requires to be in workable condition.

Materials Used

Roof materials must last a long time before they need to be replaced. It is always a good idea to repair or replace a roof before any serious problems arise. Knowing what the approximate lifespan of the materials used helps in making the decision to either repair or replace the roof based upon the findings.

Quality of Workmanship

Some of the best roofing materials might not perform well if it is not installed correctly. Quality roofing is important and requires all the different components to be assembled correctly.


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