6 Main Causes of Shingle Roof Deterioration

April 27, 2020by marion

Main Causes for Shingle Roof Deterioration

In Texas, the most common cause of shingle deterioration is repeated exposure to hail or just one large hailstorm. Large hail is immediately visible to the shingle roof covering, whereas repeated exposure to small hail over time loosens the ceramic granules that protect the asphalt material underneath. Texas heat and humidity take over and accelerates the deterioration process.  This can be bad for the homeowner because most insurance companies do not recognize that hail is the cause of failure, leaving homeowners to pay for a new roof out of pocket. This is just one reason why you need an experienced roofing professional to represent you. We offer free inspections and you have nothing to lose.

Another common problem is a radiant barrier or similar products under the shingle. These products trap the heat under the shingle creating extremely high temperatures. These extreme temperatures can cause blistering of the product and lead to premature ceramic granule loss and exposure of the asphalt mat and ultimately premature failure of the roofing product. It has been our experience that manufacturers do not want to warranty the product in these instances.

Most other failures are due to wind or poor installation of the product.


Not many shingle roofs in Texas ever make it to their full life expectancy.


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