Repair: Finding the Right Roofing Solution

April 28, 2020by marion

Repairs:  Finding the Right Roofing Solution

There are lots of reasons that roofs leak, ranging from storm damage to animal mischief, and everything in between. Most leaks are not obvious to the untrained professional. After repairing thousands of leaks over the last forty years, we have the experience necessary to get the job done right.

Sloped Roof Repairs

The most common leak is from any penetration through the roof covering: the chimney, skylight, pipe jacks, etc. A sealant is commonly used during the installation process and can break down over time resulting in water penetration into the interior of the home. These leaks can be repaired by removing/cleaning out all the deteriorated sealant and resealing with a quality polyurethane sealant. Contrary to popular belief, silicone does not last when exposed to extreme weather and temperature swings in Texas.

Metal Roof Repairs

Repairing leaks on a metal roof can be extremely complicated. Exposed fastener metal roof systems are constantly moving due to expansion and contraction from weather extremes. Such extremes build up a lot of pressure on the fixed penetrations and the fasteners which inadvertently causes the failure of the sealants and the neoprene washer at the fastener. These conditions can create the need for very costly repairs and sometimes the need for the replacement of all fasteners with a larger diameter fastener. Exposed fasteners fail much faster when installed into a wood substrate, rather than steel. Every situation is unique so always be sure to use only experienced professionals to evaluate your roof.

Flat “Low Slope” Roofs

Among all repairs, flat or “low slope” roofing is by far the hardest to leak detect.  There are literally hundreds of causes of failure for the many different low-slope roofing products that exist in today’s construction. The range of cost to do these types of repairs can be very affordable if the right evaluation is done by an experienced roofing professional. The leak detection process can be very time-consuming. However, it is well worth the time because it avoids any guesswork down the road.

Most people in the roofing sales business have no idea how to repair your roof properly, so the result is they try to convince you that your roof is no good and you need a complete roof replacement, when in fact, an experienced professional may be able to repair your roof for only a few hundred dollars.



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