Roofing Materials for Popular Home Styles

April 29, 2020by marion

High-end designer shingles are available but they can be expensive.  Sometimes, they can be twice the cost of standard shingles.  However, if you own an expensive home, the added cost may be worth the investment.  All major manufacturers offer designer roofing material.

These high-end composition shingles look best on a large home with high-pitched roofs.  The higher the pitch, the more visible the product will be.  The more multifaceted the roof, the more it will complement the aesthetics of the designer roofing materials.  You will get what you pay for with the additional cost of a high-end product.

Impact-resistant “IR” roofing has become popular due to its resistance to hail.  Most insurance companies offer substantial discounts if you install any impact-resistant product.  In most cases, the return on the upgrade investment is four to eight years. The IR roofing material cost is often 25% to 33% more than traditional material.

Installing a high-profile ridge should be considered on all asphalt shingle roofs.  This lower-budget product can make your home look like you installed a high-end roof without the extravagant cost.


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